The Survival Girls have gotten some press.

The Survival Girls has been excerpted in the Daily Beast’s “Book Beast” and “Women in the World” section!

Nick Kristof’s awesome Half The Sky Movement tumblred it and listed it in its “worthwhile books to read” section!

Michael Solis wrote about it on the Huffington Post;

The Best American Poetry blogged it;

Glimmer Train ran another essay about it too, to complement the one it ran in June.

Indiana University ran an article about it in the university webpage’s “Arts” section in addition to last year’s radio interview at WFIU.

The good people at Backlist Books reviewed it;

Development worker extraordinaire Erica Trauba reviewed it;

Ming did an interview about the book with Sean Moncrieff at Newstalk Radio in Ireland.

They're mentioned in an article written by a Seattle-based organization called Artists for Artists that did a profile on the women behind The Better Bombshell.  (April 2013.)

Author Ming Holden wrote a piece for the Huffington Post about the Survival Girls called "Redefining The Female Role Model." (February 2013.)

That same piece, "Redefining The Female Role Model," was re-tweeted, like, a million times.  Anne-Marie Slaughter was one of the people who re-tweeted, calling it "...such a beautiful piece!"  (February 2013.)

Anne-Marie Slaughter also re-tweeted the piece here, quoting Jody Joldersma's definition of having it all: " have it all, internally, is to keep an open heart without giving any ins to those who would drain us."

On a website titled "Transformational Development," the Survival Girls were included in a round-up of inspiring people. (February 2013.)

Ming Holden wrote a piece for the Huffington Post that mentions the girls in the context of language use around international development issues.  It's called "Be Mine, Except in International Development." (February 2013.)

There was a beautiful highlight of The Better Bombshell in the Seattle Met that bullet-points the Survival Girls (February 2013.)

The Better Bombshell blog featured Ming Holden and Jody Joldersma in one of their "Contributor Confessions." (November 2012.)

This is the book that first featured Ming's writing about the Survival Girls, nd this is Hillary Clinton's introduction to that book which specifically mentions the girls. This is Holden's essay in the book, "The Survival Girls." (May 2012.)

Ming was interviewed at Indiana University when she won the Wells Graduate Fellowship. Hear the interview -- which includes a recording of the girls singing -- here.  (March 2012.)

This is a piece that Ming wrote for the Huffington Post called "America Does Not Happen By Accident," and this is Anne-Marie Slaughter re-tweeting the piece and calling it "a must-read for so many reasons." (January 2012.)

This is a piece that Ming wrote for the Huffington Post called "Kenya Dispatch: the End of Structure."(December 2011.)

Ming wrote "The Survival Girls: Kenya, Refugee Youth, and Safe Space," which was re-tweeted by both Ronan Farrow and Anne-Marie Slaughter.  This is the article that Ronan Farrow and Anne-Marie Slaughter both retweeted. (October 2011.)

ere's a piece that Ming wrote for the Huffington Post explaining the value of the "we'll-see-what-happens" approach to international development. It's called "Kenya Dispatch: Foggy Ideas." (May 2011.)